Frequently Asked

Q. What the heck do you guys put in this stuff?

A. Vermi-Green LLC compost is made of 100% organic material including (but not limited to) manure, straw, hay, and select food waste. We would tell you the recipe but then we’d have to…. well you know.

Q. How long is the process to make Vermi-Green compost?

A. Eighteen to Twenty weeks, depending on a few factors. Raw material is laid out evenly in rows, turned, watered and monitored… consistency in quality is paramount.

Q. What exactly is your top-soil blend and how is it made?

A. Basically a sandy mixture with with Verm-Green compost added then processed at our local facility in Palmyra, NY. through our screening machine.

Q. Where do you get your dirt?

A. The dirt fairy brings it.

Q. Where do you really get your dirt?

A. There is no one place in particular. Our “base” topsoil is carefully chosen and harvested from different locations in the Finger Lakes/CNY region.  Once received at our facility, we inspect it. The pretty stuff makes it to be mixed and screened, the ugly stuff goes to fill pile.

Q. Do you deliver?

A. Yes we do! Rates vary by location. Three yard minimum.

Q. Can you put it “there”

A. We’ll try. We like to accomodate but dump “spots” are subject to driver discretion.